Warm-Up Exercise

The exercise is not ready to be completed yet! If you continue to use this website, all your progress will be destroyed before your course begins.

This website includes a 'warm up' exercise for students enrolled in first year economics classes at York University (2019-20). The purpose of the exercise is to learn more about how to foster student performance and experience. The exercise involves answering a set of questions, either about personality traits, studying, or attitudes.

Students who complete the entire exercise will receive 1 percentage point towards their final grade. In past years, 96% of students completed and received the grade. Completion requires creating an account and following the exercise until told you are finished.

You will need to concentrate and process what you are being asked, so try to complete this exercise when you are feeling alert and relatively unrushed. Do not use your phone (in fact, please turn it off). It should take about an hour to complete. There are no right or wrong answers.



Need help or have questions? Email warmup@utoronto.ca.