The Student Achievement Lab aims to develop and test new ways for improving student success and experience. We leverage research from behavioral economics, psychology and sociology, to create low-cost, scalable programs that can be tested using random assignment. Students are asked to take an online ‘warm-up exercise’ for a small participatory grade.

You can explore previously designed online exercises below.

Past research can be also accessed by clicking on ‘completed research’ above.

Before completing one of these exercises, each student must register an account and complete an initial survey (in this order). You can see the registration page by clicking here. You can take a look at previously designed online initial surveys below.

It is also possible to have students go through a follow-up survey (often done near the end of the term the exercise was run in). You can see an example of the follow-up survey used in 2016 by clicking here and the follow-up survey used in 2018 by clicking here. Note that the use of a custom account system is optional. If you would like to connect this platform to your institution's pre-existing student account system, this is a possibility.

The site also makes it easy to set up your own experiment. Simply customize the exercises you’d like to test, then direct students to a link we provide or one that you set up. A wizard guides you through each step that you can then preview. Technical support is also available. To get started, click ‘contact us’, enter your information and we will send you a personalized link. You’ll be able to choose your exercise’s content, change wording or questions, specify random assignment details, and activate an administration site for monitoring data and managing accounts. If you choose to use an exercise with follow-up correspondence, you’ll also be able to activate a platform for easily handling sending out, receiving, and responding to email and text messages.